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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Announcing an afternoon of TRUTH and Activism with Webster Tarpley

Presidential Politics, 9/11, IRAQ and the Dollar Collapse

Saturday, Jan 20th, 2007 1-5:30 PM at the Friends Meeting House,
141 Central Avenue Dover, NH

Webster Tarpley, noted author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, and George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, will be making a special presentation on Saturday, January 20 at 1:00  p.m. at the Friends Meeting House, 141 Central Ave., Dover, New Hampshire. In an effort to increase the visibility of 9/11 Truth issues during the upcoming presidential race, activists and guests will be introduced to the concept of creating "Truth Squads," designed to be a challenging presence to presidential candidates as they campaign in the historically significant New Hampshire primary.
Tarpley's presentation will examine the political realignment currently taking place in America and whether this transition will lead to a more progressive or a more fascist and draconian society. In addition to examining evidence of 9/11 crimes, Tarpley will also address the collapse of the dollar, the dangers of another "terrorist" attack and the impending collapse of US forces in Iraq.

Webster Griffin Tarpley is an incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist historian he is best known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still must reading, and 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA, Serving the Cataclysm, and Against Oligarchy. He is host of World Crisis Radio on He is a 9/11 Truth Scholar and activist; AB Princeton 1966, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Scholar at University of Turin, Italy; and MA in humanities from Skidmore College. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study for the Italian parliament "Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?" (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the "Red Brigades" by NATO's clandestine "stay-behind" networks.

Additional speakers will be added to the program to address the issues of impeachment and ending the war in Iraq. The event is free and open to the public (voluntary donations are greatly appreciated).

For more information Contact:

Peggy Brewster brewstout[at] 603-973-1555
Crystal Urbanski crystal718[at] 978-270-5625
Web: Seacoast 9-11 Questions
Boston 9-11 Truth  boston911truth[at]
voice mail: 617-401-8047

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party March.

Kevin Barrett at the Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party

Dr Bob Bowman at the Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interview with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller regarding 9/11

Interview with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller and member Robin Hordon. Visit for latest analysis into the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Monday, December 04, 2006

An Evening with Colonel Robert Bowman and Filmmaker John Albanese

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee Presents:

“An Evening with Col. Robert Bowman and Filmmaker John Albanese”

Friday December 15, 2006, 7:00 PM
Boston College • McGuinn Auditorium
Admission free • Donations gratefully accepted

Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)
Recent candidate for Congress and current 9/11 Truth Activist, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter, Air Force fighter pilot, over 100 combat missions, PhD in Aeronautics, Nuclear Engineering from Caltech. Dr Bowman is one of the country’s foremost experts on National Security.

Dr. Bowman’s lecture will focus on the importance of the 9/11 movement, its need to provide a strong voice in today’s society, and how the movement relates to the current political process at large.

“The US government at the highest levels may have committed treason and mass murder by purposely allowing 9/11 to happen.”
– Dr. Robert M. Bowman

Filmmaker John Albanese
The creator of the 9/11 Truth documentary “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” will present his acclaimed film and address unanswered questions about the events of 9/11/01 and explore our collective resistance to facing the truth of how and why these events occurred. The presentation will include a question and answer period with the focus on media participation, and will challenge the audience to consider what constitutes the public’s right to demand accountability from the media.

The growing number of Americans demanding accountability and transparency on the issue of September 11th indicates that an effective argument could be made that the media has been derelict in its duty, and has failed to serve the public on this issue.


Friday, November 24, 2006

CSPAN Broadcast of 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
KPFA/Pacifica Radio -Berkeley, California (United States)

Phillips, Peter Director, Sonoma State University, Project Censored
Griffin, David Ray Author
Scott, Peter Dale Author
McGovern, Ray Co-Founder, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Ryan, Kevin Contributor

David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott talked about the book they edited, 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, published by Olive Branch Press. They were joined by some of the contributors to the book to assess the Bush administration's responsibility for the attacks on September 11, 2001, arguing that key administration officials either purposefully ignored the threats leading up to the attacks or were complicit in the planning them. The panelists said that the administration has used the attacks to enact long established plans to expand American empire. The event hosted by Ray McGovern.

This lecture was a KPFA event that was taped and broadcast on radio. The event was sponsored by: KPFA 94.1FM/Pacifica Radio, Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, and Interlink Publishing and Bay Area independent bookstores.

CSPAN 2 Friday 11/24

4:01 PM EST - 2:14 (est.)
9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
KPFA/Pacifica Radio
Peter Phillips , Sonoma State University
David Ray Griffin

03:30 AM EST - 2:14 (est.)
9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
KPFA/Pacifica Radio
Peter Phillips , Sonoma State University
David Ray Griffin

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boston Tea Party Update

The Planning Committee for the Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party is hard at work, crafting the the Tea Party event for Dec 16 in Boston MA. Our permit meeting with the City of Boston is within a few days, thereafter we will release a nearly finalized event schedule and press release. In the mean time invitations and a limited a news advisory has been released to 9/11 activists and websites.

Keep an eye on for further updates.