Friday, September 29, 2006

9/11 Mysteries Film Screening Oct. 18, 7 PM

Film Screening: Wednesday, Oct. 18, 7-10:00 PM
West Newton Cinema, Washington Street (Route 16)
West Newton, Massachusetts

Cost: Free
Organizer: 9/11 Massachusetts Truth Alliance
Organizer Email: bushstol_at_bushstole04_dot_com

The 9/11 Massachusetts Truth Alliance will present 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials. Moving from "the myth" through "the … all » analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science. The 9/11 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. How do you get a 10-second 110-story pancake collapse?

There will be a group discussion after the movie.

Join us for a 911 Truth Movement "Boston Tea Party" event.

This event will take place in December on the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party. Tentative plans include a downtown Boston demonstration and march by 911 Truth "revolutionaries", culminating in throwing copies of the official 911 Commission Report into the harbor in view of the Boston Tea Party historical site. This will be followed by a regional strategy session and an evening of presentations by prominent 911 Truth speakers and researchers.

Help us organize or just stay tuned for more news as it develops.

Voice Mail: 617-401-8047
Email: boston911truth_at_gmail_dot_com

Thursday, September 21, 2006

9/11 Truth: The Bogus NIST Report & The Lingering Questions

Kevin Ryan of was fired from his job at Underwriters Laboratories for his questioning of the NIST report. Hear his critiques in this video.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Boston 9/11 Truth Film Screenings

On Wednesday May 24, The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee presented 9/11 Revisited: Directed by Dustin Mugford, at the West Newton Cinema, 1296 Wash. St. [Rte 16], West Newton, MA

9/11 Revisited, features BYU Physics Professor Stephen E. Jones, Claremont Professor Emeritus David Ray Griffin and MIT Research Engineer Jeff King. This film features eyewitness accounts and news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 and was never shown again...until now. This screening was followed by Question/Answer period, and discussion.

New screenings are being planned now and information will be released here as it becomes available.

If you attended the screening and were not able to sign up on our contact lists at the time and would like to do so now, please email or call us.

Voice Mail: 617-401-8047
Email: boston911truth_at_gmail_dot_com

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Announcing the formation of The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee

Until we can provide you with more information on 9/11 Truth events and meetings in the greater Boston area you can leave a message in our general voice mail box by calling 617-401-8047.

The Boston 911 Truth Committee
Voice Mail: 617-401-8047
Email: boston911truth_at_gmail_dot_com

Some of our activities will include:
  • Standouts for 9/11 Truth
  • 9/11 Truth Film Screenings
  • 9/11 Truth Teach-ins
  • 9/11 Truth Political Candidate Issue Polling